Ann-Bettina Schmitz

It is with great pleasure that we honour Ann-Bettina, a very busy lady who operates three websites from the province of Northrhine-Westphalia in Germany.

In addition to her webdesign business at "ABS Web-Publishing", where she creates and hosts high quality websites, Ann-Bettina devotes a tremendous amount of time and effort to provide us with a wealth of resource information, online classified ads for both business and personal purposes and offers valuable promotion of women's businesses at "The WyberNetz". Begun in mid 1996, The WyberNetz is offered in two languages and has been designed to be accessible to the blind and visually impaired. Ann-Bettina's aim is to promote women's activities on the Web and her site has become a European Internet meeting point for women -- "a place for all women who want to say or show something, who seek a job, own a company or........" She welcomes input and continues to develop new opportunities for information on topics of interest to visitors to her site and in her words, "of course, these services are free".

This very supportive and generous woman has also created "Showcase - Active Women on the Web"; a site which highlights the lives of six outstanding women each month and provides us with the opportunity to learn more about the contributions these women are making and place our vote for the entry we feel most deserves this very prestigious award.

Not surprisingly, Ann-Bettina Schmitz has received a long list of awards and recognition for the important contributions she has made and the considerable talent and determination she displays. "Showcase - Active Women on the Web" has recently received the "Way Cool Site" award and "Europe's Cool Site of the Day" and we congratulate you, Ann-Bettina, on receiving the recognition your efforts have earned and thank you for the many doors of opportunity you so generously open for all of us!

Visit WyberNetz and bookmark it so you can continue to benefit from all it offers!

For information about Ann-Bettina's web design services, drop by ABS Web-Publishing

Be sure to visit Showcase - Active Women on the Web and cast your vote for this month's entries.

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