Cathy Anne Murtha

Cathy Anne Murtha is a remarkable woman and her example offers all of us an opportunity to share her attitude of focusing on the positive in our lives. It's a great pleasure for us to tell you about the goal she has set and the gift her efforts brings to others' lives.

First, Cathy is the proud mother of three beautiful children; Andrea, 17; Marcie, 15; and Sam, 13. The last member of her family is her guide dog, Shadow, who is a lovely black labrador Retriever from Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.

Cathy is the co-owner of Magical Mist Creations, a web design company which stresses accessibility. They offer free assistance to any company or individual who would like to provide access to the Internet for the blind and visually impaired and they offer their "Speech Friendly Ribbon Award" to sites that meet the criteria for accessibility that have been outlined on their ribbon award page She's also written a guide to making speech friendly sites and is a columnist for two on-line publications: "The Web Designer's Gazette" and "Ariadne", where she designs her columns to help increase the awareness of accessibility to the internet for the blind and visually impaired.

Cathy shares her message as a speaker to interested groups and she believes that every site that becomes accessible to the blind is a success that cannot be equaled. Her ultimate goal is a 100% accessible World Wide Web. Her attitude is that if we all work together, this goal can be achieved. We agree, Cathy, and we know that as we become aware of the adjustments that are necessary to make our own websites more accessible, we will share in realizing the accomplishment of your goal!

You can contact Cathy by email at Cathy's Newstand and learn more about making your own site speech friendly.

Thank you Cathy, for giving us this opportunity to share the resources of the Internet with those who are blind or visually impaired and also for the wonderful example you're setting for all of us to do our part in making this world a better place!!

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