Leslie Birdsall

The women's business mailing lists are a major step forward for women to communicate and support each other and many of us have benefitted from the expert advice we've received from Leslie Birdsall. She's often one of the first to respond when she can offer business information, encouragement or applause for the message you've posted to the list. Frankly, it must be her organizational skills that allow her to give so much, because she's also extremely busy with her own business, Birdsall Consulting and with the many volunteer organizations she's involved with in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Leslie has a long list of satisfied clients who have benefitted from her expertise in all areas of business; from analyzing a new business concept to developing the necessary projects to achieve the desired goals. Leslie has deservedly received a number of awards, including "The Halifax Club of Business and Professional Women's 1996 Women of Achievement Award.

Her role as a Mentor in the Business Development Bank of Canada's Step-Up Program and Mount Saint Vincent's Step-In Program; as a member of the Organizing Committee in the January '96 Internet Conference and Round Table discussions; as the author of the "Biz Coach" column for The Atlantic Association of Women Business Owners; and as a Board Member and Secretary of Women's Employment Outreach are just a sample of the many ways Leslie shares her knowledge and talents.

I have been privileged to get to know Leslie Birdsall through personal email messages and consider her a valued friend. It is no exaggeration to say that she's one of most giving people I've ever known and her concern for and willingness to work to help women empower themselves makes us all very fortunate.

Congratulations, Leslie, for your many accomplishments -- both personally and professionally! We also want to thank you for your concept of creating the first Internet Mailing list for Canadian women business owners, which has provided many of us with the opportunity to connect with and share our ideas, goals & challenges across the country. We wish you many more achievements in the future!

Leslie's website is still on the drawing board, but you can send her an email message.

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