Terry-Anne (Gracee) Kelly

Those who are acquainted with Terry-Anne will understand this description of a young woman whose positive energy and enthusiasm radiates and touches even the email messages we receive!! We want to honour Terry-Anne for the example she sets with her determination and belief that we can achieve our goals.

Originally from Ontario in Eastern Canada, Terry-Anne struck out early on her journey to discover all that life had to offer and has gained considerable experience in the areas of radio, media and modelling, as well as corporate sales. Rather than accepting the advice to follow a traditional path, she listened to her own inner voice. She strongly believes that "young people deserve to reach beyond their capabilities because it's the faith they keep and gut instincts they follow that will give them what they really want. They just have to know that it might not happen overnight!" Her wise advice applies to all of us.

Terry-Anne's path has stretched from Ontario west to Calgary and Kelown, B.C. and down south to Florida. She has experience as a fashion instructor and in fashion sales; in promotions; as events hostess in a radio station; in desktop publishing; as an Internet consultant; in the film industry, and as a coordinator and hostess of an online chat program for women. Her ongoing involvement in women's issues has made her a strong supporter of women creating their own opportunities and believes in "looking forward instead of going back". Her aim is to help others discover how motivation and energy is the key to achieving what you want in life. She's certainly chosen an area she has personal experience in!

Terry-Anne, or Gracee, as she's come to be known by her many friends, is about to embark on a new adventure in Vancouver, B.C. Congratulations on all your achievements, Terry-Anne, and we look forward to hearing about the bright future ahead for you! Thank you for sharing your message to believe in your goals and your demonstration of its power!! We wish you continuing success and joy in the future!

You'll be able to visit Terry-Anne at her new website soon; you'll feel that enthusiasm yourself and gain the benefits of her contributions!

You can send email to Gracee

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