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There are lots of great banner networks on the Internet that pay for click-throughs from your webpage but how many of them actually let your participate in the revenue generated by selling the ads themselves?

The Banner Server does just that! Whether someone purchases ads through your site, another affiliate, or direct from the The Banner Server, you see rewards - BIG rewards!

But we're not just a banner network. We host your banners, provide the banner software, provide a method for your clients to purchase banner space on your site, and provide a sales force for your banners that encompasses the Internet! We are your complete outsourcing solution for banner advertising.

Right now, we're beta testing our new software so if you want to be part of the first wave of affiliates in one the best paying, most exciting affiliate programs to hit the Internet in awhile, sign up today

You can earn BIG rewards by becoming an affiliate and using The Banner Server to handle your banner advertising program.

When you become a Banner Server affiliate, we will handle all of your banner advertising sales. As well, other affiliates can sell ads for your site and earn you revenue without you having to lift a finger.

  • Each time someone purchases banners on your site, you will earn $40 (less commission) for each 2500 impressions they buy.

  • If someone purchases banners for your site from someone else's site, you will earn $20 (less commission) for each 2500 impressions they buy.

  • When someone selects multiple sites for banner impressions, it is a cumulative total of impressions - you aren't responsible for delivering all of the impressions yourself.

In addition to this, we will act as agents in the sale of Network Ads (banners that are shown on all affiliate sites). You are guaranteed $5 (less commission) for each Network Ad client that we sell to.

All you have to do is add some HTML code to your existing pages (and there is no limit to how many pages you can have the banners on, although you are not permitted to have more than one of our banners per page).

We simply deduct a 30% commission at the time of the sale and the rest is all yours.

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