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Some people make plans that have nothing to do with what they really want. Other people plan their days away, dreaming what they will do, but never follow through. Many of us are so busy living, that we can't find the time to plan.

Quick Facts About Canadian Women
  • 48% of women age 65-69 live on less than $10,000 per year.

  • Only 1% of women over 65 retire wealthy

  • 2% of women are financially secure; 82% require assistance from family friends or goverment.

  • Health is the number one reason women are retiring, and the second highest explanation for women leaving the workforce are for family reasons.

  • Only a handful of Canadian women retire early with no underlying conditions.

  • More than 4 out of every 10 Canadians in the years approaching retirement made no preparations for life after work.

*Source: Statistics Canada

The trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more.
Erica Jong, Author "Appreciating Your Worth"

Nearly all of us have regretted putting off until tomorrow what we could have easily done today. The regret comes in paying a price for our delay. A Plan is a blueprint you can modify and follow. Without one, how do you know where you are going?

Here is a list of seminars to be offered:
  • Comprehensive Introductory Seminar
  • Financial and Retirement Planning for Women
  • Topic Specific Seminars:
    • Mutuals Funds
    • Taxation
    • Segregated funds
    • Investment Income Vehicles
    • Estate Planning
    • Divorce
    • Legislative Changes - Updates
    • RESPS
    • Borrowing to Invest
    • Disability & Critical Illness
    • Small Business and Self-Employed Financial Needs and Protection

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your own financial plan or wish to be notified of upcoming seminars. Please phone me or use the form below to send your message.

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