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9 Proven Strategies to Achieve Uncommon Success

by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
Personal Excellence Mentor and Pioneer Brainwave Researcher

There are nine proven strategies highly successful people have always used to overcome obstacles to their goals. Properly applied, these same principles can also serve as a catalyst for your success. Here they are:
  1. Get Aligned It is important to first clearly define exactly what you are passionate about. Only passion fires up the kind of energy you need when you hit those inevitable bumps in the road on the way to success.

  2. Clarify Your Priorities
    Many people try to fit their dreams into their life -- complaining there are not enough hours in the day to make it happen. If you want your dream to become a reality, make it a priority. Otherwise it will never be more than a pipe dream, and you are just setting yourself up for disappointment.

    Achieving a dream requires more than just setting a goal -- it requires a realistic plan of action to get you on target and into motion. Create a goal plan that fits the reality of your life.

  3. Don�t Force It
    Do not try to force something that is not happening. Go for the type of inspired, joyful action that comes with pursuing a goal that is fully aligned with your dreams. This will encourage everything to flow along easily, and without unnecessary effort.

    Contrast this to forcing yourself to take an action you really do not want to take. Most likely this will take you twice as long, and you�ll bump up against obstacles. Whenever possible swim with the current, not against it. And stick to your goal plan.

  4. Manage your Stress
    Stress throws us off balance and into an older, less productive portion of our brain. It is intended to prepare you to fight or run -- not to successfully achieve a goal (unless that goal is to escape a tiger). And remember this: We now have clear evidence that stress actually kills brain cells. And unlike your skin and muscles, your body cannot create replacement brain cells. If you want more success and achievement in your life, stress management is NOT optional.

  5. Build your Strengths
    Success comes easier and more quickly when you focus on your strengths-- and delegate in those areas where you are less capable. Your natural talents are those things you do so easily and naturally -- you think nothing of it. And, they contain the seeds of your greatest potential accomplishments.

    It's very important to identify and work on your natural talents and abilities. This is where self knowledge pays off in big dollars and accomplishments.

  6. Disarm your Inner Saboteur
    Fear of failure is the biggest internal fear that people will ever have to face. It is why so many ideas never get beyond the idea stage � and why projects are started and never finished.

    It is okay to have these feelings, but it is important to identify them as what they are. Most fears of failure go all the way back to childhood, and are not even accurate for who you are today. Drag them up into the daylight and find a way to face them head on.

  7. Develop Resilience
    The truth is -- you are going to have setbacks along the way. This is inevitable. But often if you look closely, you will find these setbacks are directly related to your innermost thoughts, fears and beliefs. This is because we create what we focus on, including those things we do not want.

    Do not get stopped by these bumps in the road. Learn from them. As you work through them you will become the person you need to be to create your dreams. And along the way, be sure to refine your stress management skills. This is an essential key to developing resilience.

  8. Use the Power of Visualization
    The ability to physically action begins in the mind. That is why all great golfers, tennis players, basketball players, dancers, and even speakers and authors mentally visualize themselves performing or achieving successfully.

    An experiment conducted by Aussie psychologist Alan Richardson reported a 23% performance improvement among people who visualized every day for 20 days. Richardson found that the most effective visualization occurs when the visualizer feels and sees what he is doing.

  9. Apply the Power of Focus
    The ability to achieve anything in your life really starts and ends with one skill -- the ability to focus! This skill alone marks the difference between those who dream of achieving -- and those who actually achieve! Develop and use the power of mental focus, and you can literally remold yourself (and your business or professional life).

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