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Virtual Assistance = Higher Productivity
by Janice D. Byer
Docu-Type Administrative Services

Running any office can be challenging, even in the best of circumstances. Whether the company is a small business or a large corporation, as it grows so does the amount administrative tasks that need to be carried out on a daily basis.

For some companies, all that is required to alleviate the overload is to empty the in-boxes, file the paperwork and clean off the desks. For others, prioritizing assignments can help to get most of the work performed in an organized fashion. However, some of the projects may still remain unattended to.

Bringing in part-time or temporary employees is one way to get these assignments done, but only feasible if there is a steady flow of work, enough to accommodate an extra staff member and the additional wage. Not to mention, you would have to supply space, equipment and training time for this additional person. You could also try doing the administrative chores yourself, but this would interfere with spending more time on your revenue-generating activities.

The best solution to help ease your office overflow, without breaking your budget or having to provide space and equipment, is to hire a virtual assistant (VA).

These highly trained professionals work from their own offices. Most have had many years of administrative experience and can usually take on any assignment with little or no training from you. VA�s specialize in various fields, from word processing and resume preparation to database management and website development. But, generally, an off-site assistant can help with almost any office task that requires completion.

Hiring a VA provides you with numerous benefits, not just the fact that they are already trained and that they have their own equipment to work with, but also that they are available whenever you need some help. This allows you to save money by not having an office member that is being paid to sit and wait for work to do. You pay the VA on a �time on task� basis

They also take care of their own expenses, which again saves you the money that you would normally have to spend on benefits, source deductions and lost time wages.

Most VA�s are self-employed entrepreneurs, and unlike a staff member, they have a vested interest in the success of your business. They work with you to help you keep up and to grow. To most, it isn�t simply a 9 to 5 job, but a career choice that they take great pride in.

Most VA�s have local client lists, but are also able to assist �from afar�. By using any of the communication devices available today (ie. phone, fax, email, etc), projects can be accomplished without ever having to meet face to face. And, with the growing ease of the Internet, finding a VA almost anywhere in the world is quite simple to accomplish as well. By simply typing �virtual assistant� into any search engine, you can locate the one person who can take some of the load off of your shoulders.

Whether you are a home-based business who needs a website developed, a small business that is looking for a way out from under the paperwork or are part of a large corporation that has an extra assignment that no one seems to have time to do, a Virtual Assistant can be the answer to your problems. They can be your sounding board and offer feedback and advice when a fresh perspective is needed.

�1999 by Janice Byer. All rights reserved.

Janice Byer is the founder of Docu-Type Administrative Services, an off-site office assistance company that specializes in word processing, desktop publishing and website development.

For more information, Janice can be reached at (905) 584-1746, by email at [email protected] or through the company�s website at

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