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Finding Time To Be With The Kids
by Janice D. Byer
Docu-Type Administrative Services

Our typical day consists of working eight to ten hours at our Ďjobsí, chauffeuring the children around to various extra curricular activities, and handling all the errands and house maintenance that needs to be done.

Sure, we all adapt to not having very much spare time, but most of us would rather be sitting down with our children reading a good book than racing around running our day to day lives.

So, how can we lighten the load enough to be able to have more time with our children?

Well, doing the shopping and cleaning the house canít be eliminated, and omitting the extra curricular activities is not an option either. So, that just leaves work. We need to cut back on working to free up some valuable hours.

But, how do we do that? All the work needs to be done. We canít just Ďnotí do something.

So, why not get some help occasionally? Outsource some of the work to others who are capable of handling it. In our rapidly changing work environments, more and more independents are becoming available to help. For administrative tasks, hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be the most effective and economical solution. These highly experienced professionals have a variety of specialities. From word processing to website development to Internet research, VAs can supply individual or a combination of office related services when you need some help.

No need to hire a full or part time staff member. No need to worry about source deductions or lost time wages. And, definitely no need to supply space and equipment for an extra body to use. VAs are generally self-employed entrepreneurs who can work with you while not actually being on your premises to do it. They have fully equipped offices and are available to help you get a handle on some of your administrative tasks ... virtually! So, why not let someone else do some of your work for you, leaving you with more time for the important things....your children.

©2000 by Janice Byer. All rights reserved.

Janice Byer is the owner of Docu-Type Administrative Services, an off-site office assistance company that specializes in word processing, desktop publishing and website development. Visit her site at http://www.docutype.net for more information. She is also the proud mom of 4 year old Megan.

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