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Stonehouse Skincare

Embro, ON

Stonehouse Skincare

CWBN Member since June of 2008

Handmade soap lathers richly, is naturally fragrant, and moisturizes as it cleanses, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft, and supple.

Handmade soap contains no harsh detergents, fragrances or dyes. It is made with all natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, distilled water and lye. (You can easily pronounce every ingredient on the label!) Even though lye is used in the making of soap, once the ingredients go through saponification(the chemical reaction between fats/oils and lye) the lye is completely neutralized into soap and glycerin and there is no lye in the finished product.

Commercial cleaners, in comparison, dry your skin and leave it feeling like sandpaper. The natural glycerin (a desirable moisturizing component) produced during the soap-making process has been removed. It is usually sold to the manufacturers who make moisturizers and other products to fight the dry skin left after washing with the conglomeration of chemicals that make up commercial cleaners.

Stonehouse Skincare is owned and operated by Annie McRoberts from her home in southwestern Ontario. Annie originally started making soap as a hobby and in an effort to find relief for her youngest son's eczema.

Annie and her family were once faithful users of a commercial brand cleanser that promised a certain percentage of moisturizing cream right in the bar. But after using Annie's handmade soap, they were sold. They noticed an immediate difference in their skin's texture and moisture level. There was no going back to store bought cleansers. Even her son's eczema seemed to be under much better control!

Annie prides herself in providing an all-natural, eco-friendly product that contains no harsh chemicals, no fragrances, no dyes or colours, and no detergents. She tests each batch of soap on herself and her family before offering it for sale to the public to ensure the highest quality product she can offer.

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Stonehouse Skincare
356452 - 35th Line, R.R. #1
Embro, ON
N0J 1J0

Phone: 519-475-9060

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