Olivia Voros


Freedom Project

Gronlid, SK

Freedom Project

CWBN Member since April of 2011

Olivia Voros
International Home Business Trainer
Saskatchewan, Canada

Want to feel better, look better and live longer? Our supplier has created:
  • Nutritional projects that are higher than organic standards
  • Skin and personal care products that are free of harsh chemicals
  • A line of make-up that is healthier for your skin than wearing no make-up at all
  • Safe non-toxic biodegradable cleaners that are super concentrated and save people $$$
  • Water and Air purification systems that are the top in their categories

You will be able to discover all the products, our market and our industry in our free online evaluation and training classrooms.

Discover more at: www.LiveFree-LiveWell.com

Freedom Project

Gronlid, SK


Website: www.LiveFree-LiveWell.com
Email: Click here to send email

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