Debbie Narver


Narver Management Consulting

Nanaimo, BC

Narver Management Consulting

CWBN Member since June of 2011

No one knows your business better than you do. But sometimes you need some help in navigating through a constantly changing environment.

Maybe there has been an increase in competitors which threatens your customer base. Perhaps the regulations for your industry are changing. Or you are having trouble attracting and retaining skilled employees. Even positive change, such as growth and expansion, can create turbulence and present challenges to managers.

Sometimes you need an outside perspective to help you understand the underlying cause of problems.

We can help you to create focus in problem solving and managing change in your business. We can support you in analyzing both problems and opportunities, and then charting out an Action Plan to move you to your desired state. And we can assist you to implement solutions in your business through coaching and team facilitation.

Our structured, systematic approach is based on standards of excellence in leadership and management, but scaled to suit small and medium sized business.

Your first 30 minute telephone consultation is free. For more information, please visit our website.

Narver Management Consulting

Nanaimo, BC

Phone: 250-585-8725

Email: Click here to send email

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