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Advice re Scare about Postal Bio-Terrorism Attacks

by Donna Kutter
Dare Office Outsourcing Inc.

The scare of the recent postal bio-terrorism attacks have been targeted to specific individuals, however, all unexpected or unsolicited mail has become suspect. The threat has affected all of us.

This fear is understandable. Both large volume direct marketers and individual mail users can employ simple and effective methods to increase security and reduce the fear.

Here are some practical tips:

  • Use a standard typeface to address mail

  • Or do away with envelopes altogether. Use postcards, self-mailers & booklets or poly-bag your mail item

  • Use meter impression or postal permits instead of stamps.- postal indicia�s are traceable back to the source

  • Use bright pre-printed envelopes with graphics and teaser copy

  • Do not include phrases like �Personal� or �Confidential� on envelopes

  • Print your web address or 800 number on envelopes

  • Do not hand write envelopes

  • Ensure there are no spelling errors

According to the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association: �Advertising mail has not been the source of any reported anthrax cases. Because ad mail can be traced to its source, it is very unlikely that it would be used as a source for biological or chemical contamination. Companies which prepare ad mail have a variety of security measures in place to prevent tampering with the mail they prepare.�

Despite the uncertainty, there is something positive for direct Mailers:

Canadians are paying More attention -- Not less -- to their mail!

Indicators of suspicious items: Powdery substance visible on exterior, no return address, restrictive markings, mail from a foreign country, excessive postage, misspelled words, addressed to a title only, bulky package, written envelope, odour, heavy wrapping, oily stains, parcel sealed by string.

Donna Kutter at DARE Office Outsourcing INc. in Mississauga, Ontario offers a complete outsourcing service for your business including Call Centre, Mail services, lettershop and mail order services.

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