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Excerpts from 57 Ways to Succeed On Your Terms

by Rosanne Beers
Career Coach

Personal Basics

Ask yourself, 'What takes up my time that is not directly contributing to the life I want or the future I am building?'

Coach's Comment: Before you add anything (even structure or support) to your already crowded schedule, see where you can create some time and space for yourself.

Make a list of your commitments and unfinished projects.

Coach's Comment: Take a hard look at each commitment and unfinished project. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the project or commitment truly support who you want to be and where you want to go?
  • Do you feel joyful doing it?
  • If not, can it be dumped or delegated? (If your answer is no, think through it again.)
  • If it supports who you are and what you're up to and you can't delegate it, what immediate steps can you take to complete it? Design an action plan and complete it as quickly as possible to get it off your list.

Set a higher standard. After you take action to complete something, make sure that the item does not reappear on your list in the future.

Coach's Comment: Devise a structure that makes maintaining the standard automatic. For example, if clutter is a problem, allocate a specific amount of space to house it. Buy enough organizers to accommodate the designated space. When the organizers are full, ruthlessly discard something before you save anything else.

*Added benefit: You'll find that you'll think twice about buying things, if you have to part with something close to your heart in order to do so."


Select a marketing strategy with care. You won't execute the strategy if it is too far outside your comfort zone.

Coach's Comment: Think about your personality, interests, talents, and preferred activities.

  • Do you prefer to interact with people one-on-one or in groups?
  • Would you rather communicate orally or in writing?
  • Are you dynamic or quiet?
  • What are your time constraints?
Select a mix of activities that support who you are.

Look first to current and former clients for additional business.

Coach's Comment: If you've established successful relationships and delivered acceptable service, you can probably get more business and some referrals. Your position is strengthened if you're perceived as providing value-added service.

Getting extra business from current clients is usually the most cost-effective business you can get, but be careful not to let any client represent more of your revenue than you can afford to lose. Most businesses would do well to have no more than 10% of their revenue coming from any one source.

Structure, Support and Communication

Establish routines and structures to support you in as many ways as possible at home and at work.

Coach's Comment: Choose routines and structures by anticipating. When you are aware of your own needs and can anticipate other people's needs and developing situations, you can manage your time more wisely. Practice anticipating by thinking ahead to the various possibilities that might arise.

Remain flexible to handle emergencies and time-sensitive communications.

Coach's Comment: Define for yourself and others what is important enough to override your other policies.

Time Management

Examine how you spend your time. Could you generate more revenue if you hired someone to do some of the things you are currently doing?

Coach's Comment: Before you decide, you must answer a few questions:

  • What would you delegate. Be specific.
  • What would you do with the time that you would gain. Be specific.
  • How many hours would it take you to generate revenue equal to three times the expense of adding extra help? Consider all the expenses involved.
  • Can you discipline yourself to use the extra time for revenue generating activities?

Block uninterrupted time in your schedule to plan, think, and execute marketing activities and project work.

Coach's Comment: Not everyone is responsible for all these activities, but everyone needs uninterrupted time for some of these activities.
If you do not create enough time for thinking, you will not have clarity and you will lose your focus. If you do not create time for high-priority tasks, you will find yourself up against tight deadlines, or missing the mark completely on those activities without deadlines.

Schedule more time than you think you will need. Things usually take longer than you think they will.

Coach's Comment: In the beginning, schedule 50% more time than you estimate. If you end up with a reserve of time, work on another high-priority task, or use the time to clarify what's next for you. When you create space, new opportunities present themselves. If you keep too busy, you are apt to miss the opportunities that show up.

Attract & Keep Business Relationships

Develop qualities in yourself by working with an objective partner. An objective partner can help you see how to leverage your natural strengths to attract who and what you want to attract.

Coach's Comment: Your way of being, your health and vitality, your ability to be present, your authenticity, your integrity, your attitude, and your enthusiasm are the kinds of things that make you attractive. People often overlook or minimize their natural strengths. Find an objective partner you can trust who will challenge you to take yourself to the next level.

Shift your attitude.You get just about what you expect to get in business and in life.

Coach's Comment: Your attitude is the best determinant of your success. You've heard the expression, 'Change your focus, change your life.' Wise words. It's absolutely true. When you start believing in who you are and what you stand for, you will attract others who believe in you. When you believe in yourself and you expect business to follow, guess what? It does.
On the other hand, when you worry about not having enough money to pay the bills, you are focusing on lack. When you focus on lack, lack continues. If you do this, make a commitment to stop it today."

�1998 by Rosanne Beers. All rights reserved.

Rosanne Beers is a personal and business coach who helps professionals manage themselves better for a more fulfilling life. She can be reached at (515) 225-1245. She offers a complimentary coaching session to professionals and small business owners upon request. Her email address is

Ms. Beers has just published a booklet called 57 Ways to Success On Your Terms, which sells for $5.00 for a single copy/ $4.00 for 2 to 12 copies (US funds). Send a self addressed stamped envelop (SASE) with 55 cents US postage WITHIN THE US. For postage quotes OUTSIDE the United States email Ms. Beers with your exact address and postal code. Also email for discounts on multiple booklets to [email protected] or call (515) 225-1245.

Mail your order to:

Beers Consulting
5003 EP True Parkway
PO Box 27066
West Des Moines, IA 50266
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