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How to Use Audio Brochures to Quickly Build Your Business

by Robert Imbriale
Business Coach

How would you like to have a sales presentation that is much more powerful than any sales letter, display ad, or even any radio ad, at just a few cents cost per prospect? Silly question, right? Who wouldn't!

Imagine being able to have your prospect hear your entire sales presentation and maybe even hear from some of your most satisfied customers too. And imagine that all this would fit neatly inside of a plain old envelope.

Do you think you'd have a powerful marketing tool in your hands? You bet you would!

And, not only is it powerful, the best part is that is very affordable too! In some cases, maybe even more affordable than most 4 color brochures - but many times more powerful!

Recently, I met with a lady who owns and operates a company that specializes in audio tape duplication. We spent a great deal of time on the phone speaking about how people were using audio tapes to rapidly build their businesses.

I was intrigued. In fact, that conversation set me off on a quest to uncover the whole story of using audio tapes the build a business. What I uncovered amazed even myself! Here's what I uncovered:

I know that you have received many audio tapes in the mail. I know this because I too have received hundreds of these tapes over the past few years. We all remember the tape titled, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie," right? I must have seen no less than 100 of these in my mailbox in just a few short months! The reason for getting so many of these tapes was because this form of promotion worked! The audio production was well-done and the media, a plain old audio tape, presented the message simply and powerfully each and every time.

People do listen to audio tapes. They will pop them in their tape deck as they drive, or they will listen to them in the shower, on the beach, or even while they workout! The point is that they listen - often more than once! And when you have their attention, that's half the sales process right there!

How hard is it to produce an audio tape? If you can speak on the phone, you too can produce an audio tape program! All an audio tape program has to do is deliver your sales presentation to your prospect as if you were right there doing it yourself!

Here are some things that will make your audio program a smash hit. First, I like to begin my programs with testimonials from satisfied customers. These are easy to get. All you have to do is call your customers, get their permission to record them and let them know that you will be using what they say in your new audio tape. They will be more than happy to be part of your production - it makes them feel special.

Ask them to explain how they feel about your service, your products, and about your company. You'll be amazed at all the wonderful things people will say when they know that they are being recorded!

Next, get into a recording studio and deliver the absolute best sales presentation you have ever given! Get excited. Fill your body with energy and when that red light comes on, let it all out. Your excitement will come across on the tape, so make sure you are in the best possible state you can be in before you do the recording.

If you do it right, editing your production should not be too expensive and instead of having breaks in your program, why not fill in those breaks with even more testimonials?

What better way to prove to your listeners that what you have to offer is of true value to them?

Towards the end of your program, present a special offer that is only being made to those who have listened to your audio tape. In other words, give your prospect the feeling that they are getting something other people are not getting because they took the time to listen to your tape.

Use a powerful call to action. Get your prospect excited and let them know that they must act now to take advantage of your special offer. The last thing you want is to get them all excited about you and your company and not have them act immediately! If they wait, even one day, the desire is gone. I like to say something like; "you must act within the next ten days to take advantage of this special offer."

Close out your audio program thanking them for listening and repeat your special offer and give them the reason that they need to act now. Then, add in a few final testimonials and you're done!

For that professional effect, you may choose to have some music put on the tape at the beginning, at the end, and perhaps during the testimonials. The music you use must be music that is royalty-free. Never used copyright music on your promotional tapes or you will end up in court for copyright infringement!

Find a duplication house and get copies made of your production. You should be able to do this entire process for about $500.

Next, run some ads offering your audio tape for free. The reason that you run ads instead of just mailing your tapes is that you want to qualify your prospects before you send them a tape. When they respond to your ads, you at least know that they have some interest in what you are offering.

Here's what you might try:

FREE TAPE! Learn the secrets to losing weight fast without harmful drugs, quacky diets, or grueling exercise! Call 1-800-999-9999 for your free tape now!

An ad like this will help you qualify your prospects to those that at least have a desire to lose weight. It's much more cost-effective to do it this way than it is to just mail to a cold list of names you might buy from a list company.

It's also a great idea to follow up a week after you mailed the tape to see if they had any questions. Take note of the questions you get. If there are some questions that keep coming up, you can be sure to answer them in the next edition of your tape!

This is a very powerful form of marketing that is cost-effective and gets you sales, so why not consider taking advantage of this powerful way to market?

�1999 by Robert Imbriale. All rights reserved.

Robert Imbriale is an internationally known Business Coach, Speaker, Author, and Master Marketer whose work is currently published worldwide in over 16 languages. Thousands of businesses worldwide currently use his marketing strategies to increase sales and grow their organizations. Mr. Imbriale can be reached on the web at or via e-mail at [email protected]

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