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Just Do It Now!

by Robert Imbriale
Business Coach

This is not the first time that you've heard this phrase! But does it really mean anything to you or is it just another one of those over-played slogans you hear every time you turn on the radio or television?

For me, this phrase is nothing less than an immediate call to action. It's a reminder that the level of success in my business, in my relationships, or in any other area of my life is a direct result of my ability to take action now!

Let me explain. Every morning, I wake up to a new day full of opportunity. While that in itself is a blessing for which I am always grateful, all the opportunities in the world will do me absolutely no good unless I do something to take advantage of them!

How many days have unique, outstanding opportunities come your way and you did not take advantage of them? Are they still there, or have many of them passed you right on by? I'd be willing to bet that by now, most of those opportunities have passed you by. I know this only because so many of them have also passed me by!

Hence the phrase, "Just Do It Now!"

Think about this for a moment. If you were to live this phrase, just how many opportunities would you let pass you by? Now, I doubt anybody can take advantage of every single opportunity that comes their way, but I assure you that you'd let far less of them get away if you subscribe to this simple call to action.

So why do so many people just not go for it? Well the answer to that is fear. You see I find that most folks who do not grab at the opportunities that come to them let those opportunities pass right on by because of fear. What they tend to occupy their minds with are useless questions like - what would happen if it didn't work out?

If you ask that genre of question, you know you'll never take action on anything! There is an endless stream of negative answers to those questions and the more of those answers you allow yourself to dwell on, the less and less likely it will be that you will ever take action!

So by just doing it now, what are you really doing? You're thinking, not about what might go wrong, but what you will gain by taking advantage of the opportunity at hand. This thinking is what is known as "possibility thinking."

In other words, what you do is focus your attention on the things you might gain instead of what it might cost you to take advantage of a certain opportunity. This is very important for you to understand because it is one of the most prevalent reasons why most people never grab at opportunities and may end up never succeeding!

Now this may seem trivial, but I assure you that it is at the root of most business failures. Look at it this way, if you were to be the type of person who did not grab at opportunity as it passed your way, how would you ever be able to build your business?

If every opportunity were to pass you by, but your competition was possibility thinker and did grab at those opportunities, can you see why it would be hard to succeed in business over the long term?

How many times have you been approached with an opportunity that at first glance seemed like nothing important but then later turned out to be something of great value to you? This is the key right here. At first glance there are many things that will come your way that may not seem like a whole lot at first but that can later turn out to be that one opportunity that can change your life!

The key is to keep yourself open to grab hold of these things as they cross your path.

The more opportunities you take action on, the higher your percentage of success.

Be flexible because the truth is that you will never really know when the next major breakthrough opportunity will cross your path. It may come to you as a thought, and idea, or even as a drawing on a napkin, but it may well be the next million-dollar idea to hit the market!

You see every major company, every best-selling product, and every winner in any category started as nothing more than an idea. And from those ideas, came opportunity.

Those that were open to explore opportunity found fortunes. Those that were closed, or not open to opportunity, missed their chance to live the life of their dreams.

Will this be you the next time an opportunity comes your way? Or, will you be the type of person that jumps out of their seat and totally checks out virtually every opportunity that comes your way?

The choice is yours, but I suggest that you be the person who jumps at every opportunity because what's true is that you will never really know what opportunity will turn out to be unless you take the time and expend the energy to look into it!

If you think about what you might lose by not taking advantage of opportunities as they arise, you may just want to consider my favorite little saying, "Just Do It Now!"

When you consider the alternative, just doing it now makes a whole lot of sense!

So here's your assignment for the next 10 days.

  • First make the decision to take advantage of every opportunity that will come your way, regardless of what it may or may not be.
    This is critical because most of us want to immediately decide what an opportunity may bring, and the challenge is that we will tend to focus solely on the things that might prevent it from working rather than the things that may well make it work!

  • So don't prejudge. Decide right now that you are going to take the time to properly look into everything that comes your way in the next 10 days. And I do mean everything!

  • Remember that you are not to focus all your attention on the potential pitfalls of the opportunity. Look at all the ways in which it could work, the people it will help, and the money it will bring in!

  • Finally, decide whether or not it is an opportunity that you see yourself actually getting involved in!

  • Now remember, this does not only apply to business opportunities. It applies in all areas of your life including your relationships, your finances, your health, and even your spirituality!

I believe that opportunities do come to us on an almost daily basis, and since I do subscribe to the "Just Do It Now!" program, very few of them get away from me! And by heeding my own advice, I've been able to take advantage of some very fortuitous situations throughout my career!

And I encourage you to "Just Do It Now" too.

�1999 by Robert Imbriale. All rights reserved.

Robert Imbriale is an internationally known Business Coach, Speaker, Author, and Master Marketer whose work is currently published worldwide in over 16 languages. Thousands of businesses worldwide currently use his marketing strategies to increase sales and grow their organizations. Mr. Imbriale can be reached on the web at or via e-mail at [email protected]

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