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Responsible E-Mailing

by Lisa Kryder

If you are reading this, then you are reading essentially an e-mail. How many e-mails have you received since you opened your account with your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? 5, 500, 1000, 10,000 or more e-mails have hit your inbox and how quickly have those same numbers hit your delete box?

What is a good e-mail? A useful e-mail? What is considered to be Spam? What are the rules of e-mailing? Are there rules of e-mailing other people? What is SPAMMING? Have any of these questions come to you since you started on your journey of this wonderful new communication tool?

Not many of us can remember back when the telephone was not around, but most of can remember when e-mail wasn't around for us to "chat", "send documents", "Spam other people with junk e-mail".

What we as responsible individuals need to remind ourselves is that e-mail is like a telephone call without the expense. Meaning that yes, most of us have to pay a provider to have access to the web and to e-mail, but it is a flat fee and for that fee we can make 1 e-mail contact or thousands of e-mail "contacts".

When someone sends you one of these e-mails and you see that it has been forwarded to you and a 1/2 a dozen other people or a hundred people and then you take the same e-mail and forward it on to the same people that just received it - that is SPAMMING. That, my friend, is illegal and can be punishable by law. The reason is that you don't know these people; you are sending them information from an unknown source, not to mention that it is considered an intrusion of privacy.

Let me go back to what is a Good or Useful e-mail. Companies across the world use e-mail to effectively communicate their message to each other and to consumers about their products or services. If the company is responsible, they will set up an e-mail newsletter request on their site which will allow you the consumer to sign up for their "important message". This same company will also set up an " Unsubscribe button" for you to terminate those "important messages" if you choose not to receive them any longer.

SPAMMING is when a company or an individual sends out mass e-mails to e-mail addresses without asking permission to send it to them. How many of us receive a phone call about dinner time from a company that wants to sell you something, wants to make an appointment with you (to sell you something), to poll you to death about their services or products. C'mon, be honest -- in your lifetime, can you even begin to remember how many of those calls you have received? Can you honestly say that you enjoyed your time with your family being interrupted by those calls? Did you like being interrupted while having a family dinner, watching your favorite movie, or sleeping!?!

The answer is NO, you didn't enjoy these calls and the answer to receiving SPAMMING is NO, you didn't enjoy having your inbox saturated with e-mail from those people you don't know.

This is a NO NO in e-mail. People see this as abuse of e-mail and otherwise call it "SPAMMING". SPAMMING is illegal and if the people who receive your e-mails see it as SPAMMING, they can go to your ISP (e-mail provider) and request that your e-mail account be cancelled. Which means that you will not be allowed to have an account with that provider again.

The reason this is a legal issue is that there are millions of people on the Internet and with this, people love to send e-mail to other people and what happens is, the responsibility of the user (you and I) sometimes forget that this form of communication is no different than a phone call. If someone called me and read me a message and then you received the same phone call, and you called me and read me the same message and then someone else on their list, say their daughter, called me with the same message I would become pretty angry that I had to waste my time to get the same message from 3 -- or who knows how many people. It is obsessive and abusive in the e-mail world.

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