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Sometimes All You Need Is the Air You Breathe

by Judy Larsen
Dynamic Space Design

As I drive around the countryside of Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes the first thing that reminds me of spring is the smell. When I was growing up in Ontario, it was the smell of spring mud, of fresh rain, or the first lilacs of the season that first caught my attention. In autumn it is the crispness in the air and the scent of wet leaves that triggers fond memories. The first indication of good Feng Shui is smell.

Lately the air has become increasing heavy with toxic pollution and smog from factories and automobiles. Smog alerts are posted earlier in the season, almost year round. We see the visible signs of pollution easily displayed in the rusty coast the trees wear after a long winter. Plants, and especially trees, give us the gift of filtered air.

Inside the office environment, employees are wearing perfumes and aftershave lotions. When you are in an open environment with plenty of fresh air, this practice is fine. When the air is stale and windows don't open, it is not. Individuals are becoming increasingly sensitive to smells in their immediate space and how they are affected.

Some of the first indications of a stressful unbalanced environment is evident in the smell of the office or place of work as soon as you enter the premises. A place that smells of electro smog, toxic chemicals, or stale air often has higher incidents of illness among employees. These smells may be coming workplace, or may be due to the location of the building.

Poor Feng Shui buildings are located near refuse sites, on old factory sites, swampy land, high-tension lines, major highways or cell phone towers. They are buildings with windows that do not open to allow the flow of fresh air. Buildings where you breathe other peoples' air all day long.

People often ask, �How was work today?� Too frequently the response is negative. If it was a difficult day, many times employees speak of stress, lack of energy, and depression. How does your work place feel? How does your work place smell? Do you often leave work with headaches? Do you have trouble concentrating? Do you or your colleagues make frequent mistakes? Are you full of energy and ready to start the day or are you exhausted before you start?

Your work environment could be contributing to your poor health. A well-balanced environment will enhance employee productivity. People who work in insensitive, unbalanced or unhealthy environments, are less likely to be productive, and will carry the stress home with them.

The practice of Feng Shui guides and assists companies and individuals by removing the blockages and negative influences in the work place, beginning with how the place smells. Increasing the amount of fresh air you receive each day will stimulate the atmosphere and encouraging communication, compatibility, productiveness, and healthy living and working. Encouraging stimulating smells in your place of work can increase overall well-being. What are some of your favourite smells?

Here are some plants that are good at filtering the negative effects of indoor toxins from carpets, furniture, fabrics, plastics, smoke, electro smog, and a host of other invisible pollutants: Philodendron, spider plant, chrysanthemum, Gerbera daisy, peace lily, and jade.

The Minute Meditation

If you have trouble thinking straight, you may be a person who tends to clutter; be it your mind with thoughts or your desk with papers. These days, our in-basket is always full. Let it not be filled with worries, but filled with life's good intentions. The easiest way to begin to harness the power of Feng Shui is to breathe. Begin with this simple exercise. It is especially useful when you lose your thoughts in mid-sentence or forget what you were going to say or do.

The Taoist method of drawing a circle in the air is extremely useful. Use your finger to draw the circle in a clock-wise manner. Do this several times until you can bring your mind back to the thought(s). This technique of concentrating will assist you in refocusing.

When you have come back to the thought, take a several deep breathes in and out. Place your hands on your abdomen. Fill up your abdomen with fresh Qi and energy. By placing your hands on your belly you feel your belly rise up. Breathe in and count to 10 silently as you do. Never hold your breath. Breathe in and then release slowly and breathe out to a count of 10. You can work up to a count of 10. Concentrate for a moment of the breath only. Do this several times. Make sure that you are not breathing from your chest, but from you abdomen. This simple practice will help you to concentrate, keep the focus, and relax into the situation.

Companies are beginning to utilize the skills of trained professional Feng Shui consultants. 80% of business failure can be attributed to the lack of Feng Shui in the environment. Banks and investment companies, retail stores, trucking companies, and even home offices have impressive results when applying the power of Feng Shui to their environments. Feng Shui in now recognized as a profession in several European countries.

Judy Larsen is a Feng Shui consultant, Geomancer and teacher. She consults for business and residential properties internationally including; logo, business card, and letterhead design. She has trained in China, Germany, Switzerland, and in the United States under the guidance of several Feng Shui Masters.

Judy teaches the basic principles of Feng Shui at four colleges in Ontario. Private seminars and workshops, are available to companies/organizations and individuals.

Join us in November for a Vital Business workshop. For information or to register call: 705-734-0539, Email - [email protected] or visit Judy on the web at or

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