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My Traffic Generation Secret:
How To QUICKLY Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Website
Within The Next 7-Days!

by Christopher Sewell

There are 3 keys to success on the Internet:
  • Selling a line of products people want!
  • Creating a client centered website that's designed to sell!

Why did I CAPITALIZE the last key? because it's the most important key to success on the Internet. It's easy to develop a line of products people want. It's also easy to create a client-centered website that shows lots of benefits. The problem you're probably experiencing right now as you read this is traffic development.

For most cyber-entrepreneurs, this area is the most difficult and painful problem to overcome. There's a little Internet formula you should always keep embedded in your brain: "TRAFFIC=PROFIT" Traffic is like water -- without it you die! And without targeted traffic to your website, you're toast. I know this is pretty hard language, but that's my style. I tell it like it is.

There are a number of ways to build targeted traffic to your site very quickly. I'm going to give you the technique I use to generate THOUSANDS of new visitors each month to my website at And what I have to say has nothing to do with spamming anyone. All you have to do is write articles for newsletters that cater to your target market!

Okay, DON'T PANIC! When most people think about writing an article, they panic. You don't have to be a world-class writer to get your articles published on the Internet. Developing website traffic by submitting articles to email newsletters is fairly simple. Once a month just send a new article to a list of newsletters that target your industry. Let me give you the steps you need to take.

  1. Make A List Of Newsletters That Cater To Your Target Market!

    To get a list of newsletter publishers (or ezines) that support your target market, go to Make a list containing the publisher's name and publication. This is not spamming because the publishers who submit their ezine information to Listz want you to contact them about submitting your articles and purchasing ad space in their ezines.

  2. Your Article MUST Be A "How-To" Article!

    This means you must write an article that solves a problem. You can't write a big advertisement for your website and expect a publisher to run your article. It won't happen. Think about your area of expertise. Think about the problems your customers want solved. Let's say your expertise is in Landscaping. You could write an article about how to choose a good Landscaping company. Or an article about how to do a particular Landscaping task, like establishing a garden.

    At this point, you may be asking yourself how will you get traffic to your website by writing articles. Well, this is where your "signature" file comes into play. At the end of your article you are allowed to have a 4-5 line description of your business. Here's where you can direct the readers of your article to your website. You can view your "signature" file as a FREE classified ad.

  3. Your "How-To" Article Must Be Good Enough!

    I don't want you to think that you can write some skimpy, half-hearted article - slap down a powerful signature file - and have people visiting your website. First of all, ezine publishers are looking for good content. If you send them trash, they will dump your article in the trash. Secondly, if you did manage to get your article published, people will see that you really haven't taught them anything new and therefore won't visit your website.

    I'm going to give you a simple formula for writing articles with good content. There are really only three parts you need to concentrate on:

    1. The Problem Statement: This should be about half a page. Here you address the SPECIFIC problem you want to talk about. This portion of your article lets your reader know that you know what their problem is and that you plan on giving them steps to solve it.

    2. A List Of Detailed Steps: Now you discuss the steps they need to take to solve the problem they have. This should cover one page. Use Step1, Step2, Step3, etcto get your point across. People love steps. It shows that you know what you are talking about. It makes you look like an expert.

    3. Your Closing Statement: In the next half page you wrap up everything you've said so far. Tell your reader what they have just learned. Give them some inspirational words if you like.

  4. Your "Signature" File Must Be Client-Centered!

    The reason why some authors don't get a large amount of traffic to their website when they write articles is because their signature files are terrible. Sometimes damn terrible! Your signature file should NOT focus on how great you are. It must focus on how great you can make the reader. Here's an example of a good signature file:

    "Want to lose weight fast AND keep it off forever?
    Want to increase your muscular tone so you look sexier in your clothes? Of course you do! Get tons of valuable tips on how to accomplish this at"

    Now, a signature file like that will get people visiting your website fast. Why? Because it talks only how great you can make the reader. That's basically it.

    All you do now is send your article to your list of publishers you made earlier. If you aren't confident in your writing skills, let me tell you a little something about myself. Writing was always my worst subject in school. I was in remedial writing classes straight through college. I'm telling you this because if I can easily get newsletters to publish my articles, I know you can too.

    �1999 by Christopher Sewell. All rights reserved.

    Christopher Sewell enjoys giving tips to help your business profit on the Internet. Do you want more tips on how your business can be successful online? Well, visit today!

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