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One-on-One Marketing through E-Mail

by Lisa Kryder

Being in sales can be tough. As a sales person, you know it's easier to keep serving existing customers than to recruit new ones. So do you actively develop new products and services to gain more sales from your current clients? If the answer is no, your next question should be, how can you do it?

Use an e-mail newsletter to reach your existing clients--and prospects, too. It's the fastest, most economical way to communicate, and can be done with color and consistency. First, set up an e-mail list that includes your top customers, then send everyone on the list a brief message about your newest product/service. Be sure to point out how it will assist them in selling their existing products and increasing their revenues. You'll soon find that e-mail newsletters bring customers back to your web site -- a very good reason to keep it maintained regularly. (See article on Maintaining Your Web Site)

Research studies clearly show that, by the year 2001, 25% of a company's contact with customers will be via e-mail and the web. Are you getting ready for this? Have you automated your web site to collect e-mail addresses through a subscribe/ unsubscribe on your site? This way, you are collecting e-mail addresses of those who wish to be contacted by you about your products/services. It will help you easily build your list for your e-mail correspondence, too.

Improved customer relations and increased customer loyalty can be achieved through effective "one-on-one" e-mail marketing. (See article on Responsible E-Mailing) It is fast becoming the driving force to increase revenues and reduce business costs. can help you get started with the right list and the right message for your valued customers and prospects.

Please share your own ways of improving your one-on-one marketing. E-mail your comments to [email protected] If we use your ideas in an article, we will include your name and company name with a link to your web site as an example!

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